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Overview ( Dell Laptop:Pink)

So far the overview is extremely tired -_-
Went to the Green Day concert yesterday!!!!!!! It was really really good.
I love how there was so much swearing at the concert. ><
One thing I really wonder though is why do people in America's Got Talent start cheering after a few notes of a song? Well its okay because there are a lot of good singers there.
Me, Sheena, and Tara spent the day basically goofing off while talking a lot about SHINee ( as we always do).
I lately been feeling like there is just not enough time in the day.
Summer is racing by and so many things must be done before the school comes and keeps us busy with things that just make us puke. :S
Well fanfiction is coming soon.
PS. Finally parents agreed to a laptop since are ancient computer is slower than a turtle and sloth combined -_-.
( Dell which is Pink= Pretty and Joyful)

>< Oh how i've screwed up

                        I know that I have been absent for months but I 'm really sorry for it. I guess I just lost track of a few things in
                                                                         freshman year. Well again I am
                                                                 sorry about not logging on for such a long time.
                                             Now another thing I wanted to say was that I have made  another account
                                                                         for fanfiction so if anyone wants to know the user name is gleeful_kiwi
                                                               Also if you want to add me there you are more than welcome to.
                                                                                      So my life so far has basically been confusing.
                            Over freshman year I had a countless amount of crushes and homework and shopping excursions. >< ♥
                                                      I am in love with many things I guess you could say.
                                                   I still ♥ K-pop though with all the other music I like.
                             I                               have become quite a fan of SHINee and Ukiss.
                                    Anyways really I wanted to say that I miss you all and I will get back to making entries.


I know it has been long

Okay well Facebook does distract a person:

A little update:
Didn't make the play but watched it and it was good ^^
I don't like Jake anymore and so then Sheena told him i liked him and he said he would just like to be friends anyways T_T ( wish he liked me back)
I then liked this other kid named Alec who I still think is hot but, I don't like him anymore as of today.
Michelle got a boyfriend so I admit there was some jealousy but not all that much (at least not anymore)
Anyways as of today I watched Boys Love!!!! I loved it so much!!
Omg the uke Noeru reminded me of Alec!!!!
Anyways now i want to to finish watching Eternal summer!!
Sorry for not talking to you guys in forever!!!
Anyways for the posting of course pictures of Noeru but really his name is Saitoh Takumi!!!
Also posting the new Lil Wayne song Ms.Officer I ♥ it!!!


So as you all probably guessed this week has been hectic. Well still there is a lot of news to post. Okay first of all, yesterday I went to Borders to do a good chunk of my homework after school ( I have a test on Monday so the rest of the weekend is booked for studying). Anyways I went with my friends and I got coffee high!!! Sheena missed it though! Also,  we went to her house and just did random things as usual. Me and Michelle made up a Gangster handshake. I wonder if we will remember it? Oh well! We can make another one. Well I really wanted to go to the football game yesterday but noone else wanted to go! T_T I wanted our team to win so bad and I have no idea now. Oh well I could just ask someone on Facebook! Oh by the way now that I have a Facebook please tell me your user name ( if you have one) so I can add you as a friend! ^^ Okay I admit the second reason I wanted to go to the game was to see Cake in the marching band! But I didn't realize that till later! I SWEAR!!!!!!! Anyways um....... oh I am excited for the opera special with all the olympians! I am a HUGE fan of Michael Phelps. ( Going to skip anything about American politics! OBAMA 08!) Okay I am done I really mean it! Anyways I love the new mv for U-kiss and I adore their new songs!!!! They really are a good boyband to obsess about!!! The garage sale to raise money for Kevin's and Kibum's presents is on a hold till next weekend but that is okay. Wow time has been going really fast!!! Oh I know this is random but,.............I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!! Again sorry that was random but I am hyper because I just drank fruit punch!!!! YEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Okay also I was going to say something.........................what was it? ...........................................
OH YEAH! Okay I have officially learned how to Pop,Lock, and Drop it! I have been practicing for months and I got it down.  I also praciticed my popping yesterday! It was quite effective! Finally, I am trying out for the school musical since I want to be an actress when I grow up. The play is West Side Story. Wish me luck!!!


Shinee released their new mv " Love Like Oxygen" and I am super excited!!!!



Well let us all say happy birthday to this bug-loving, talented singer. Sorry I couldn't do this earlier but today I did so much shopping I was barely in the house!!!! But I am happy!!! Also tonight is the closing ceremony of the Olympics!
(Well technically it already happened) Bye Bye Olympics. I enjoyed watching you. It is a shame we will have to wait another 2 years.!!!! Another 8 years 4 years for the Summer Olympics! Anyways I better get on with the tribute.

Happy Birthday Yehsung!!!


OMG!!!! The new album and I can't hold it in but I want it!!!!!!! It really makes e excited I can't wait
to get!!!! Okay the To-Do List I have to finish

1. Notes
2.Print out pictures( can't happen)
3. Make more Icons
4. Write my name in my books
5. comment on more things
6. Practice Viola
7. Practice Dance

Also if you didn't know here is the list of songs for the new album.

Track List:

1. ???? ? (You're my oxygen)

2. Love Letter

3. ? (Why)

4.  Shine More

5.  Love = You

6. Isolation ( Don't Leave Me)

7.  Guys

8. ??? ??? (Feat. Tiffany)

9.  So Real

10. ??

11.  Destiny (Nar. ??)

12. ?.?.?. (Balad ver.)

13. In My Room ( Taemin Minho ver.)

14.  ?? ?? ?? (Balad ver.)

Information from


Happy Birthday Kibum (from Super Junior)!!

I have decide to take a more optimistic road. I am reading this book that might help with the process. It has helped me already and I have read only 50 pages. Anyways like about 5 days till school start. I am quite nervous but the positive is I will see a lot of people I haven't seen for awhile! Anyways time for Kibum's tribute!!!!
To his acting career. ( He is thinking of quitting SMTown).


Oh the lovely Big Bang boy that has the most interesting parts in Big Bang MVs. He can sing,rap, and dance while being entertaining and his English is quite good!!!!!!! What can I say I ♥ him as such!!! Well I should start posting for this boy!!!!!!! ~♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-DRAGON!!!♥~

Also new Kibum icon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE JONAS!!!!!!!! Did you know that Joe Jonas was born on India's Independence Day? Oh he is so beautiful hot!!!!! Of course I am going to have to post a bunch of pictures of him. I still have to finish things that I haven't been finishing.
To-Do List
1. Finish Stiff
and notes
2 Finish Great Expectations notes
3. Finis
h collage
4. shop for supplies
5. download songs to my iPod
6. Make more Icons


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