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So as you all probably guessed this week has been hectic. Well still there is a lot of news to post. Okay first of all, yesterday I went to Borders to do a good chunk of my homework after school ( I have a test on Monday so the rest of the weekend is booked for studying). Anyways I went with my friends and I got coffee high!!! Sheena missed it though! Also,  we went to her house and just did random things as usual. Me and Michelle made up a Gangster handshake. I wonder if we will remember it? Oh well! We can make another one. Well I really wanted to go to the football game yesterday but noone else wanted to go! T_T I wanted our team to win so bad and I have no idea now. Oh well I could just ask someone on Facebook! Oh by the way now that I have a Facebook please tell me your user name ( if you have one) so I can add you as a friend! ^^ Okay I admit the second reason I wanted to go to the game was to see Cake in the marching band! But I didn't realize that till later! I SWEAR!!!!!!! Anyways um....... oh I am excited for the opera special with all the olympians! I am a HUGE fan of Michael Phelps. ( Going to skip anything about American politics! OBAMA 08!) Okay I am done I really mean it! Anyways I love the new mv for U-kiss and I adore their new songs!!!! They really are a good boyband to obsess about!!! The garage sale to raise money for Kevin's and Kibum's presents is on a hold till next weekend but that is okay. Wow time has been going really fast!!! Oh I know this is random but,.............I CAN'T WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!! Again sorry that was random but I am hyper because I just drank fruit punch!!!! YEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Okay also I was going to say something.........................what was it? ...........................................
OH YEAH! Okay I have officially learned how to Pop,Lock, and Drop it! I have been practicing for months and I got it down.  I also praciticed my popping yesterday! It was quite effective! Finally, I am trying out for the school musical since I want to be an actress when I grow up. The play is West Side Story. Wish me luck!!!


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Sep. 7th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Cool, and try out for Anita! It's not the lead, but she's feisty ^_^
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