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I have to be really devoted today

I have so many things to do and I only have like today  to do them since this is like the only day I don't have my dance practice for Independence day. Which is also Joe Jonas's birthday!!!!!! I ♥ him!!!!!

My To-Do List

1. Download 37 songs
2. Start Heechul collage
3. Finish Stiff and notes
4. Finish Great Expectation Notes
5. Practice Dance
6. Add everyone's birthday to my calender
7. update all the songs on my iPod
8. Practice viola

9. Make More Icons


I know I am late and this song has been up for like 8 days but, I thought just in case anyone was as unalert as me I would post the new Big Bang song " Haru Haru".
I really love it and I love their new image. It it does show how they have grown up in their music as well as their age. I also love TOP new look and G-Dragon's new hair!!! ^^ I admit I was ignoring him and I apologize but, this brings me back on my feet!!!!

I also would like to post a picture of Big Bang's new image!!^^

I apoligize for my long absence really I just don't know what I am doing these days. Well school is going to start soon and it seems that I won't be able to get on as much as I use to but, I will try my best!

K-pop News:
Well the band U-Kiss ( the new band Kevin is in) is debuting soon I really can't wait!!!!
They are I should say, a more universal band really and the members know many languages as well
as may have even lived in other countries before. They are said to be a very popular band.
They are even popular before they debuted!!!! Here is a picture of the group.

From left to right: Alexander, Eli, Dong Ho, Kibum, Kevin, Soo Hyun

Also, SJH's Pajama Party MV CAME OUT!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Me sad T_T

Noone comments or sends me emails anymore!!!! Don't leave me alone in this WORLD!!!! Just kidding but please do comment I miss you guys. Anyways nothing much happened after the concert but I am still a little bit restless. Also I watched American Pie, well the beginning, and I can never look at apple pie the same again. Well this quiz was on Sheena's journal and I thought I would take it and post my answers one here so some of you guys get to know me better.

Also I want you guys to see how immature Miley Cyrus is!!!!!!!! It really makes me angry!!!!!


Comment your opininons!!! If someone reads this!!!!


I LOVED THE CONCERT!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! There were globes that would flash colors, and there were lasers and the singing was amazing. Chris Martin is very talented. But he swears a lot ^^. Anyways they would shoot video and then the video would come on the globe. It really was great. I am still pumped and tired at the same time so I don't know. Also I feel kind of sick from screaming and clapping so much and also a little bit of a headache from all the flashing lights but I don't care. I also got a T-shirt!!! The things that annoyed me A LOT was my mom being there and are horrible seats but still it was a great concert. Next time I will try to fix that. Anyways since Coldplay is one of my favorite bands it was great to help give them money by going to the concert. Well I should go to sleep especially since this weekend is so busy for me and I am wiped out but I don't feel like it. I should probably do something relaxing to ease my mind but,...........I think I'll just watch stuff on the internet instead!^^ Oh also I got my iPod and it is AMAZING as well. It is so shiny and pretty!!! I got the color green. Okay while right now I can't find the camera but I promise that later I will post pictures of my Coldplay shirt, my iPod, and the jewelry that I usually wear. ( I will also my purse charms) BYE!!!

I'm BACK!!!

Hi everyone I'm back!!!! Actually we came back early because of rain but, I was too lazy to write anything. ^^ Sorry! Anyways the town that we went only had a population of 900!! (the same amount as my neighborhood). But the lake and view was really nice and the place really is beautiful. I just wasn't use to the atmosphere though. ^^ Anyways we came back and we got COLDPLAY TICKETS!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just cannot wait till the concert! Anyways lets see what else is news um.....well August is almost coming which is a good thing and a bad thing. It is a bad thing because that means that SCHOOL IS OPENING!!!! It is a good thing on the other hand because Danny's American Idol contract is almost ran out and he can start releasing music!!! UBER- EXCITED!! Also The Dark Knight is out and I really really want to see it!!! It is going to be a classic like Titanic. Also yesterday I took so many pictures of myself because I was bored. That's me! ^^ For the concert I am going to make a poster that says " I ♥ WHEN COLDPLAY PLAYS!!!" or something like that. ^^ Also since I can't find that makeup box I will just use my mom's makeup and get an iPod I guess. Oh well the foundation is pretty good. Still I am breaking out lately but, it will go away. I'm putting a lot of acne medicine on it but you really can't tell. Okay posting time!!! Today's subject: Pictures from my vacation and The Dark Knight trailer.


Bye Bye I am going on Vacation!!!!

Well I have to make this quick because there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done but I will not be able to post anymore entries until Friday because that is when I am coming back. We are going up North! I am really excited!!! You know what they say " When it is Summer go up North and when it is Winter go down South". I still have to pack but I am REALLY excited. But before we go today me and mom are going to see this show where the people perform on bendable poles. The performers are originally from Australia! Anyways on vacation I will take a TON of pictures and post them when I come back. Anyways I haven't started another drama yet because I won't be able to watch any but I plan to when I come back. Still have a ton of stuff I want to do but it is going to HAVE to wait. But I still have to read my summer reading books on vacation!!!! I DON'T LIKE THOSE BOOKS!!! Anyways on Friday me,
Sheena and Michelle made cakes for Leeteuk, Heechul, and U-Kiss!!! I made the one for Heechul of course!!!!
Anyways that is all for now. I will miss you guys but it is only for one week. I ♥ you guys!!! But before I go I will post a picture of the cake I made later. It is KAWAII! Okay well BYE GUYS!!!!
Oh our wonderful Heechul is getting old. He is 25 years old (technically) or 26 years in Korea. Oh I will definitely give a tribute. As for how I have been I have started a new Taiwanese drama called Smiling Pasta. I love it SO MUCH!!! here is the link in case anyone wants to try it.
I have been trying new hairstyles and everything. And I want to get that new foundation from Revlon too but, that is besides the point. Making more fanfictions!!!! There has been a lot of news about SJH!!!!^^ Oh I still miss Heechul! You don't here about him a lot. I have been thinking about Cake. I guess I can't help myself. Oh the worse thing is the summer reading. Well nothing has really been going on but, if I do go on vacation I will definitely tell you.
Now to post multiple pictures of Heechul!^^

    Gui Gui ran to the cafe area where Wang Zi was eating his own cooked meal. She sat right beside him but, since he was giving her the silent treatment he just faced the other way without saying a word. So Gui Gui went and sat on the other side of the table but, then Wang Zi faced the other way without saying a word. This continued for quite awhile until finally Gui Gui started whining while grabbing Wang Zi's shoulder so he would stay still.
    " Wang Zi!!!!! Why must you be so cross with me. I didn't mean for you to get a C and if you really wanted to study you could have just held BACK!!!! This is not fair of you to treat me this way!!!"
    " What do you mean it is not fair to treat you this way? What way am I treating you that upsets you? Huh?!!!"
    " You always blame everything on me and you don't tell me anything these days!!!! And you give me these harsh silent treatments!!!!"
    " Well I am sorry but I just like to keep things to myself. Besides I do this with everyone not just you. So why are you so angry?!"
    " Because......................"
    " Why is everything so complicated for you?"
    " Because......................"
    " Why do you want me to treat any special than I treat others?"
    " Because......................."
    " And why MUST you follow me around EVERYWHERE? Huh?!!!"
    First Chapter!^^
" Wang Zi it isn't that bad I mean you will still pass the class!" Gui Gui was TRYING to calm  Wang Zi since he had gotten his first C.  He was in a state of shock of this horrible thing. He really was not the type to get such a grade on a test. Especially since he represented the six brothers intelligence and knowledge. Now, Gui Gui was right, Wang Zi had no worries about not passing the class and the six no wait, 10 brothers not getting the money but, to his own standards a C was quite low. As Gui Gui kept trying to calm him down Wang Zi was thinking how did this happen? Then he remembered instead of him studying yesterday, Gui Gui had dragged him to the supermarket so he could help her decide which fruit to cook for supper.
    " The only reason I got a C is you!!! You drag me to the stupidest places to help you do the STUPIDEST THINGS!!!!"
    " Now Wang Zi don't be so cross with me okay? I promise I will make it up to you by,............................ HELPING YOU STUDY!!! Yeah that is what I'll do!"
    " Don't be ridiculous! I have to help you study because you never know whats going on in the class. How could you help me."
    " Wang Zi please don't tell me your going to give me the silent treatment all day."
    " Actually, I will. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
    With that Wang Zi walked off for lunch leaving a very sad and lonely Gui Gui at his desk. She didn't know what to do now. This was the 5th silent treatment Wang Zi has given her in the last month. Gui Gui started suspecting that something was making Wang Zi irritable. Something that was not her.
   " Gui Gui you seem troubled..........what are you thinking about?" Ya Tou had noticed that Gui Gui was still at her no, Wang Zi's desk.     " Ya Tou,...........is something bothering Wang Zi lately?"
    " Well I wouldn't know since,  Young Master Wang Zi doesn't really let out his feelings to me."
    " Yeah he doesn't do that with anyone. I guess what I mean is.....has something bad happen at the house?"
    " No everything is great. The 4 new Young Masters of the house are quite quiet and always follow the rules. The other 6 Young Masters are more of a threat."
    " So have the other 5 brothers been bothering Wang Zi lately?"
    " No all of the Young Masters have been acting very brotherly lately. They all love each other very much. Even Young Master Ao Quan has not started any fights lately.
    " Then what could be the matter with Wang Zi?"
    " Well maybe he is just having a bad day and his C is making it worse."
    " Wouldn't he tell me if he was having a bad day?"
    " Well, Young Master Wang Zi doesn't tell anyone his problems but, I guess he must tell them to Gui Gui."
    " No actually, he doesn't he hasn't even acknowledged me as his girlfriend.
    " Really?"
    " Yeah but, don't worry I will find out what is going on. No matter what!"


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