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I know it has been long

Okay well Facebook does distract a person:

A little update:
Didn't make the play but watched it and it was good ^^
I don't like Jake anymore and so then Sheena told him i liked him and he said he would just like to be friends anyways T_T ( wish he liked me back)
I then liked this other kid named Alec who I still think is hot but, I don't like him anymore as of today.
Michelle got a boyfriend so I admit there was some jealousy but not all that much (at least not anymore)
Anyways as of today I watched Boys Love!!!! I loved it so much!!
Omg the uke Noeru reminded me of Alec!!!!
Anyways now i want to to finish watching Eternal summer!!
Sorry for not talking to you guys in forever!!!
Anyways for the posting of course pictures of Noeru but really his name is Saitoh Takumi!!!
Also posting the new Lil Wayne song Ms.Officer I ♥ it!!!