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>< Oh how i've screwed up

                        I know that I have been absent for months but I 'm really sorry for it. I guess I just lost track of a few things in
                                                                         freshman year. Well again I am
                                                                 sorry about not logging on for such a long time.
                                             Now another thing I wanted to say was that I have made  another account
                                                                         for fanfiction so if anyone wants to know the user name is gleeful_kiwi
                                                               Also if you want to add me there you are more than welcome to.
                                                                                      So my life so far has basically been confusing.
                            Over freshman year I had a countless amount of crushes and homework and shopping excursions. >< ♥
                                                      I am in love with many things I guess you could say.
                                                   I still ♥ K-pop though with all the other music I like.
                             I                               have become quite a fan of SHINee and Ukiss.
                                    Anyways really I wanted to say that I miss you all and I will get back to making entries.



Jul. 12th, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)
It's okay, life gets to us all. Glad you're alright, welcome back!